Web Matrix: EINet Galaxy

The Galaxy is a guide to worldwide information and services and is provided as a public service by EINet and Galaxy guest editors. EINet also provides World Wide Web client software for the Macintosh and for Windows computers.

Key Links

URL for Front Page: http://www.einet.net/galaxy.htm
URL for Top-level Page: http://www.einet.net/galaxy.htm#TOPICS
URL for Forms Search Page: http://www.einet.net/galaxy.htm#SEARCH
URLs for Non-forms Search Pages: URL for Copyright Page: http://lmc.einet.net/copyright.html
URL for Help Page: http://lmc.einet.net/howto.htm
URL for Authors Page: http://lmc.einet.net/staff.html
Home Organization: Enterprise Integration Network (EINet), Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation (MCC)




Example Usage

Demonstrate a sample search session explicitly listing:
fprefect@umich.edu - 6/12/95