Web Matrix: YAHOO

Yet Another Hierarchically Organized Oracle

YAHOO is a hierarchical subject-organized catalog of documents on the World Wide Web and the Internet. It is a very powerful public service for locating information on the Web quickly and reliably.

Key Links

URL for Front Page: http://www.yahoo.com/
URL for Top-Level Page: http://www.yahoo.com/
URL for Forms Search Page: http://www.yahoo.com/search.html
URL for FAQ Page: http://www.yahoo.com/faq.html
URL for Help Page: http://www.yahoo.com/hothelp.html
URLs for Authors' Pages Home Organization: Stanford University


  • Most features are available to non-forms users, but searching requires a browser with forms support.
  • The content has no particular focus, but spans numerous fields of interest.



    Example Usage

    Demonstrate a sample search session explicitly listing:
    fprefect@umich.edu - 6/12/95